There is a question, which man, has been always trying to give an answer to.

An answer to the ultimate question which cannot be given by science, religion, or knowledge, but can only be experienced through enlightenment, self awareness. Why?

Each man is God. Why?

Man, ONLY, has the POWER OF CHOICE, between creation and anti creation (destruction). The only being which has this power is man – this power separates him from other beings and makes him god – All other beings are governed solely by instincts – Man ONLY can be and is, the sole judge of his deeds, proof of this is that, no court of law, no punishment, has ever made man to change, if he hasn’t priory seen and accepted – with awareness – his immoral, unethical and wrong doingness.

Man, is god – in essence, real nature – and is the creator of all there is, has been, and or will be. Man chose to forget his Divine powers (after creating the material universe) and (metaphorically speaking for the story tellers of the old times) he ate the APPLE OF OBLIVION, willfully, by his choice, chose to forget he was god, the creator of the universe, for experiencing, the world he had created and playing thus, a game only a god, could cause. Thus he has fallen from ‘heavens’ (his ‘home’, his infinite self, which is spiritual, and not material).

This is what makes him an aberrated, declined god, who’s life purpose is to REMEMBER his way back! (this is the end game).

A man who is lying, is deceitful, is chasing material things with dependency, believes that he is evolved from apes (Darwin theory is the biggest lie of all ages!) is an aberrated, declined god. Has betrayed himself, has diminished his beingness, and still is, BY HIS CHOICES, which instead engulfing/embracing all there is, with LOVE (high energy, spiritual (thus divine) condition, and NOT A FEELING, as many choose to believe), like a father, he is making wars with himself, his creations, his brothers, worship idols (singers, actors, football/basketball players, cars, money, or other SYMBOLS). Ethical life, means, life lived with SELF DISCIPLINE, a life which man is not the EFFECT of his creations or depended of man made creations. A man who is always cause, or, if an effect, at will, consciously, with self awareness, playing – pretending, as if he would be when playing a game, for having fun (in which case he is ultimately CAUSE again). A man who loves all there is, because all there is, is created by god, a man who separates all there is in good or bad, in good or evil, is at war with himself cause all there is … is God.

When man become self aware of his Divine beingness, all wars will stop, hunger will end, all lies will be revealed and will stop to have an effect on man. Man will realise that body is merely a vehicle, a machine, he uses to experience the material world he has created and creates, anti creates, which moves burning oxygen and, its not who he is! cause he is GOD, A CAUSE OF ALL CAUSES!

Anastasis Maraslis

[email protected]

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