Almost anyone can realize that he could be better, do things better, have better results – in comparison with his present condition – Almost anyone could recognize that there is always room for improvement, especially nowadays.

The betterment, of any condition, starts the very minute when someone realizes and recognizes that ‘the things’ need to get better and can get better.

And this is feasible just by assuming full responsibility and control of any condition he is in.

By defying his fears of failure and seizing to blame others, his life, his luck, his destiny, the market, his government, God, etc (in other words to seize looking for excuses for continuing to hold his present condition). This means ‘taking full responsibility’.

This way one frees himself from the old and current bonds and liberates himself, his mind, his decision power to create a better future based on full responsibility and a causative stand point of view.

When someone is open minded and decided to change and bring betterment he is focused in discovering new ideas, new alliances, new technologies, and new ways which would serve his new purpose.

One of the major problems these days one has to deal with is the suppressive and volatile economic environment which threatens one’s security and survival.

High taxation, lower income, high unemployment rate, lack or hard to get finance and loans, real estate market collapse are some of the obstacles and suppressive elements which affect seriously a man’s survival or a company’s profitability. In periods of confusion and uncertainty, like this, one feels enslaved in a game he cannot control and he is either way forced to play. Playing a game consciously with agreed- known rules is a fair game. Playing a game with unknown rules and regulations which change day by day is an unfair game which you should be free to stop playing. Continuing playing an unfair game full of (lies) secrets and hidden purposes can be self destructive and its outcome can be foreseen if it is not already pre determined. What this could be? One’s loss. One’s destruction.


However, by assuming full responsibility that there wouldn’t be any game, if there were very few if no players at all, one can realize that he is the prime cause for his condition – good or bad – this acknowledgement is enough to stop being a victim and assume again control over one’s life. The opposite would be equal to suicide. The grade of one’s life betterment is analogous to his responsibility level and his control over his thoughts, ideas, decisions and actions! Communication is the mean. No one is one and only. We are all interdependent. Taking responsibility for his condition is the starting point for the betterment process.

It is a survival matter.

Disregarding- ignoring the necessity doing something about it is one’s ‘out point’, it is unethical, it is an omission.

It equals to treason against ones self, one’s family, an executive’s organization and ones livingness.

‘Know how’ and ‘exact technology’ is what is usually missing and thus often decisions under duress, fail.


Knowledge is power for this knowledge is suppressed by cheap shows in T.V and manipulated through lies and false information. There is a lot of information available and a great deal of data but very few are reliable, trustworthy and convey the truth. Finding the true data, the real from unreal is as hard as to look for honesty in a highly corrupted system.

It is our duty and life purpose to find the truth through study, communication with men who have dedicated their lives in this goal and evaluate what is useful for all life segments and the common good.


Betterment is a life process which never ends as its the universe and our true nature. Infinite!

Anastasios A. Maraslis


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